About us

Hello, my name is Rebecca Lichti, and I’m beyond thrilled that you are visiting our site!
In November of 2019, my husband Garett and I were blessed with our dearest daughter. Having Emma in my life sparked a love for quality and safe baby products. This passion formed a desire to share these products both Emma and I adore with other families, leading me to the idea for Lil Bambinos!
Lil Bambinos is a collection of some of my favourite products that Emma and I have grown to love. This will be an ever-growing collection so be sure to check back often as we continue to introduce new products and styles!
My goal is to focus on comfort and quality while keeping up with latest styles and trends. The needs and wants of you, the customer, are what I strive to use as inspiration going forward, hinging upon your ideas and feedback. In this ever-changing world, I understand that ideas change over time and I plan on being right there with you, changing and growing together!
We strive to make it increasingly easy for you to get in touch with us and be available to you through text, phone and email, as well as any of our social media platforms.